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When our sons received their diagnoses, like many special needs parents, we grieved, we bargained, we petitioned, and we isolated. We were each handed the “Welcome to Holland” poem as an introduction to the new place that happened to be filled with acronyms, jargon, therapy, appointments, and uncertainty. As the dust settled, we looked around and began to see our surroundings through a new lens. We launched into the disability world and discovered that our lives were not over, quite the opposite. A new life was before us, one filled with people, places and things we would have never known, including a new level of empathy, sensitivity, and understanding. With open minds and hearts, we started this podcast to show other families new and further down the path, that there is so much good being done because of the detour to this new foreign land. Join as we embark on “Embracing Holland."

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Embracing Holland Podcast Testimonials


Angie Auldridge

About Angie

Lover of scones and her family. Angie is a wife, and mother of three, including a son with a rare genetic disorder, SCN2A which causes autism, epilepsy, and a number of other medical complications. She spends her days managing the retention and registration team at her local community college and her evenings cheering on and celebrating her children's inch stones. She has a master's in counseling and is passionate about creating community, sharing stories, and supporting others in the face of fear and uncertainty. An enneagram 9, avid at avoiding conflict and seeking peace always. She is an introvert with a passion for helping and loving people in hard places.

You can follow her story on her blog Mighty and the Bean


About Meg

Wife, mother of three and fiercely loyal friend who is terrible about picking up the phone, but will always answer in the middle of the night.  Sound engineer and producer of the podcast. PTA Secretary and debunker of special ed myths on social media. Despite years invested in professional cooking and baking, her life now revolves around being a full-time Mom and advocate for her daughter and two special needs sons.  She is known to be a Jill of all trades and is always involved in some type of home improvement project with her husband Jay.  When she can, she enjoys crafting, gardening, and traveling.  There’s rarely time for that, so she usually just runs on fountain beverages and frivolous TV.


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