For this episode we speak with Megan Martin, personal trainer, health coach and purveyor of holistic wellness who used lessons learned from her own health journey to help her son with autism. She shares with us what the biomedical approach means and how she used it to address her son’s symptoms, including how she did an at home fecal transplant. 


We talk about:

  • Personal illness and disease that led to path of holistic healing
  • Exploring functional medicine
  • Lifestyle factors and diet being the foundation for disease prevention and treatment
  • Supporting the entire body to help with brain function
  • Addressing GI dysfunction as not just another symptom of autism
  • Using diet to address autism symptoms, including eczema 
  • Naturopathic doctors and what they do
  • All about fecal microbiota transplants (currently only FDA approved for C-Diff but many clinical trials in patients with autism)
  • Using the AMD Ion Cleanse foot bath for detox and she get her son to sit still
  • Other alternative treatments to try




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