Andrea Faris Roberts, renaissance woman, innkeeper, two-time non-profit starter, and mother of two children, including a son with Down syndrome. She graciously invited us to her flagship inn called the Terrace Guest House to tell us the story of its inception and discuss the importance of getting away. Join us as we discover how she created a beautiful way for parents and caregivers to experience true rest, what it took to create multiple sanctuaries for parents to recharge and how important it is to put ourselves on our own to-do list. #getinthecar


We talk about:

  • The deep need for sleep
  • Creating an organization from personal pain
  • Reece’s Rainbow - international adoptions for children with Down syndrome and other disabilities
  • The significant impact of caregiving and the unmet need for rest
  • Creating a network of partner Inns (B&Bs) to serve families (40+)
  • Curating the nation’s first-year round respite inn
  • The unique thing about this sanctuary experience that meets unrealized needs
  • Recuperative rest, not a vacation
  • Putting yourself on your own to-do list
  • Wishing that our kids didn’t have to struggle
  • The trauma and challenges of raising a child with a disability
  • Not “Embracing Holland” 
  • Her annual “Mommy & Me” trip for parents to get away with their child without a disability, or their own mom, or other special needs mom friend, or by yourself
  • Andrea’s advice for new parents



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