Joy in Suffering with Bekah Bowman

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Bekah Bowman, mother, and author with a heart for ministry shares with us what it looks like to do the hard work of stepping into the church community to show them how to love kids with disabilities and to see the incredible gifts God has given them. Bekah continually points to joy in the middle of suffering and discusses how they are often roommates. 

We talk about:

  • How her world was rocked upon the discovery of her children’s rare disease
  • Raising two children with Batten disease, a rare degenerative disorder
  • Treatment for her son Ely while grieving the loss of Titus
  • The freedom in finding others that understand
  • Church life and disability life being at odds with one another
  • How people with disabilities belong in church and the body is not complete without them
  • Watching her boys teach people things about God that they would have never learned
  • Having a painful experience at church and seeking a new church home
  • Asking a new church for what she needed
  • How healing it is to attend church when the entire family is loved and cared for
  • The weakest parts of the church are the most valuable
  • Joni and Friends Ministry
  • Her book, “Can’t Steal My Joy: A Journey to a Different Kind of Brave”



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