Fecal smearing and ingesting are taboo topics that often elicit a considerable amount of shame for families. We felt like it was time to give this topic some attention to those who are struggling in the dark and aren't comfortable reaching out for suggestions in the online support groups. In response to very little information openly available to families struggling with smearing and consuming feces (scatolia and coprophagia), Genevieve Engleman, The Remote OT, shares with us the background behind the behavior, information to reduce the stigma, and ways we can try to prevent and address this issue.  


We talk about:

  • Why mammals may consume their own feces
  • History and incidence of these behaviors
  • Reducing the stigma and shame associated
  • What the behavior may be communicating
  • How to address any potential medical problems that could lead to these behaviors
  • What to do if and when it happens
  • Ways to use OT, and sensory play to meet the needs currently served by poop play

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Toilet training for individuals with autism or other developmental disorders

My social story book / edited by Carol Gray and Abbie Leigh White ; illustrated by Sean McAndrew.


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 Let's Talk About Toddlers & Scatolia 

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