We continued our chat about smearing with our guest, Jennifer Sheppard, who created an adaptive clothing line out of a dire need for an alternative to wet suits for her own son who struggles with the behavior. We also shared a bit more of our chat with Genevieve, and our own lessons learned from dealing with poo. 

We talk about:

  • How we’ve become desensitized
  • What we’ve found to be helpful in the aftermath
  • Ways to clean up the mess
  • Specific products and strategies that have been helpful
  • Finding adaptive clothing solutions for when you can’t watch your child 24/7


Jennifer’s Adaptive Clothing Line - The Wild End of the Spectrum

Life on the Wilder End of the Spectrum 

FB page - The Wilder End of the Spectrum 

Products We Reference (not sponsored or affiliate links, just products we’ve purchased and found helpful)

Ruggable - Washable Rugs

Clorox Healthcare Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaners

Bissell Pro Heat Pet Carpet Cleaner


What to Do about Smearing

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