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Hi, I'm Angie Auldridge, and I'm Megan Barrett, Welcome to Embracing Holland.

When Meg and I received each of our children's diagnoses, we found ourselves in the land of worry, grief, and unknown, but after a while, when we realized that this excursion was not temporary we settled in and began to see life in a new way.

As a special needs rite of passage we were each handed the Welcome to Holland poem with the intent of showing us that this place is not so bad and in fact can be really beautiful.

Some days are dumpster fires and other days are filled with unexpected joy.

Regardless of the cause of your detour, the struggle to embrace this new life is universal.

Our hope is to share with you how ordinary people on this journey have unpacked their bags and faced adversity with creativity, passion, and determination.

We'll bring you interviews, field trips, cool stuff we find along the way and glimpses into the reality of raising children with differing needs.

Join us as we embrace Holland!

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