In this episode, we explore what it’s like to raise a child with Aspergers to be as independent as possible, and how to advocate for and alongside them. Carol is an internal medicine physician who has a specialty practice in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. She’s also the host of the Autism Mom MD Podcast, and an amazing advocate for her children and others! 


We talk about:

  • Raising a son with Aspergers
  • Finding the right kind of support for your child
  • Learning how to motivate and encourage with the goal of independence
  • Navigating driving, medical appointments, college and employment
  • Raising expectations and setting the bar high
  • Deconstructing and teaching independence skills
  • Encouraging self-advocacy
  • Partners in Policymaking 
  • Starting a podcast
  • Creating community
  • Being an innovator, she is the creator of TheraPearls!
  • Creating space for yourself and your marriage


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