An Alternative Approach with Diana Wingate-Gaiser

Season 1 Episode 7

Embracing Holland Episode 7

Diana is the mother of two boys on the autism spectrum.  She has a vested interest in homeopathy and alternative therapy for treating symptoms of autism and the environmental toxicity link to autism including vaccines. She volunteered extensively for six years with Autism Speaks raising funds for the annual walk, recruiting legislative support, spreading awareness within the community and was the District Area Chair for their grassroots advocacy.  Diana has spent countless hours advocating, emailing, calling and meeting with legislatures to help mandate insurance coverage in Maryland for children and adults with an autism diagnosis.  This includes meeting with the Autism Technical Advisory Group at The Department of Mental Health and Hygiene and The Maryland Insurance Commission.  This goal was accomplished through the collaboration of efforts with parents and stakeholders in the community including Pathfinders for Autism. The revised Habilitative Mandate went into effect April 17, 2014. Most recently Diana worked with local lawmakers to pass two very important pieces of legislation; ensuring P.A.N.D.A.S. was covered by insurance and ensuring pediatrics have access to medical marijuana in public and non-public school settings. Diana has 19 years of professional and financial experience with Johns Hopkins University. She is a warrior for her own kids and a dedicated advocate in the local and national community.

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